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Dec 12, 2012 11:35pm PST
informaciÓn sobre la investigaciÓn que llevo al bando hsbc aceptar el pago de penalidades por # mil millones de dÓlares en estados unidos la investigaciÓn permitio si no que facilitÓ el lavado de cientos de millones de dÓlares provenientes del narcotrÁfico mexicano. a pesar de lograr documentar diversas conductas delictivas el departamento de justicia no ha presentado cargo criminal en contra de es un solo funcionario del banco y bilma tiene mÁs. >>> el banco britÁnico que opera en 84 paÍses. se lavaran 881 millones de dÓlares. principalmente de los carteles de sinaloa de mÉxico. y del norte del valle de colombia. pero sus pecados fueron mÁs allÁ. y la sucursal de mÉxico y estados unidos se hicieron de la vista gorda por varios aÑos y thrilles de dÓlares se movÍan sin control, segÚn lo demuestra esta investigaciÓn del gobierno estadounidense. hsbc no vigilÓ, por valor de 0 billones de dÓlares. en el mismo perÍodo hsbc mexicano vigilÓ la compra de dÓlares en efectivo. por valor de 9. 4 millones de dÓlares. entre el 2006 al 2008. hsbc mÉxico. exportÓ 1 billones de d
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
, global banking giant hsbc will pay 1.9 billion dollar fine to settle allegations it engaged in money laundering. the money is believed to be tied to mexican drug cartels even terrorism. hsbc says it accepts responsibility for past mistakes. analysts point out the bank will earn back the fine in a little more than one month. >>> new this morning the air force is getting ready for another test flight of new experimental space plane pro row time of the x-37b will blast off into space today from cape canaveral, florida. this video provided by the air force, launch time set for 10 a.m., our time. the vehicle is being developed as reusable unmanned space vehicle. >> in the last hour we learned delta is buying a 49% stake in virgin atlantic airlines, delta wants better access to heathrow in hahn done, the two are agenting in -- in london. virgin atlantic owned by sir rich and branson who owns a stake in virgin america airlines. >>> got milk? the reason fewer americans are drinking dairy. >>> first, cashmere sweaters. michael finney and consumer re >>> we come back. water vapor in the air, n
Dec 12, 2012 5:00am PST
, quien fue a operarse de cancer en cuba, pasa los momentos mas duros de su vida. y el banco "h-s-b-c" pagara una penalidad de mas de mil 900 millones de dolares a estados unidos por prestarse para operaciones de lavado de primera informacion en despierta america . >> [♪ ♪] . >> cada vez más fotos de los fanáticos que imortalizaron como prometimos lo compartimos . >> hace meses también se unió a generación américa , como saben de univisión para compartir su historia y contar como lucho por sus sueños . >> estamos para ver esta entrevista . >> así es . >> inedita . >> se hizo en los Ángeles para generación américa , con varias personalidades . >> jenni rivera fue una , también hablo de los sacrificios de la importancia de la familia y del idioma español . >> [♪ ♪] . >> creo que esta carrera la lucha para llegar a ser exitoso , . >> así describe lo difícil que era su profesión . >> estar viejando cada fin de semana, a diferentes países es difíciles para una mujer . >> su familia su prioridad, su deseo era más tiempo a sus 5 hjos . >> quiero ser
Dec 13, 2012 6:30pm PST
con el ejecutivo del banco inglés, hsbc que involucró al banco con el lavado de activos en méxico, además las últimas noticias de la diva de la banda. >>> gracias, el papa benedicto xvi dijo que las imágenes de al mula y el buey no corresponden al pesebre ,pero en el vaticano pudo más la tradición. >>> grandes artistas hispanos como jenni rivera solo ocupan un lugar e la prensa anglosajona después que mueren, ya regresamos >>> únase a la causa en apoyo a la fundación teletón usa, como cada año un nacimiento o pesebre adorna el vaticano, en su libro, el papa benedicto xvi desechó las imágenes del buey y la mula, por considerar que no hay referencia bíblica, pero en el pesebre de el vaticano hay beuy y mula. >>> para muchos medios anglosajones, no sabían quién era ni qué hacía jenni rivera. >>> su rostro ha estado presente en todas las cadenas de televisión de estados unidos, pero jenni rivera la súperestrella que vendió más de 15 millones de discos, fue ignorada por la prensa de estados unidos. >>> es que e suan mujer que ha hecho historia, y la prensa de e
Dec 10, 2012 9:00pm PST
hsbc is expected to pay 1.9 billion dollars to settle a money laundering investigation with regulators in the united state states. hsbc is accused of money laundering for mexican drug cartel. announcement formally is expected tomorrow. >> apple new appearing map is now coming with a safety warning for nurs australia. police in the city of victoria asking drivers to avoid using it. officers say they have had to rescue several people who got lost when the app led them to the wrong place. drivers stranded for more than 24 hours when directed miles away from murray sunset national park. may not seem like a big deal except that location is in the middle of nowhere and the park has no water supply and temperatures can reach 115 degrees. dangerous place to be stranded. apple hasn't commented but the ceo tim cook publicly apologized for the app early this year and has promised improvements. >> trying to catholic church a cab in san francisco can be frustrating and at some hours of the day nearly im poll as you may know. that's what a handful of service have popped up to help you call fo
Dec 10, 2012 5:30pm PST
a startling series of charges. the british banking giant hsbc, about to pay big time. after allegations of money laundering, linked to iran and mexican drug cartels. "the new york times" reports a record settlement. $1.9 billion to be announced tomorrow. >>> and now, a storm blasting the upper midwest of the united states. what a difference a week makes. it was a mild 62 degrees in minneapolis last week, and now a massive storm has dumped nearly 16 inches in the twin cities. more snow in one day than they expect in a month. it was a slippery, sliding mess on the roads. hundreds of snow-related car wrecks across both minnesota and wisconsin. >>> and now, the news of the shocking death of a rising star in latin america, just about to receive her dream of taking on north american tv, right here on abc. singer jenni rivera died in a plane crash on her way to a concert in mexico. and here's abc's david wright on her turbulent life story and her huge success. ♪ >> reporter: she was known as the "diva of banda" -- mexico's answer to country music. today, on spanish language radio, tearful tr
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Dec 11, 2012 3:00am PST
on to the head and died from his injuries. it is it the largest fine paid by a bank. hsbc agreed to pay 1.89 billion to settle a money laundering case. it is for nations like iran and enabled mexican drug cartels to move money loolly through the american subsidaries. are you ready for some country? ♪ ♪ wrecked my heart. ♪ i should never let go. ♪ the one that good away. >> gretchen: the american country award kicked off in vegas. luke bryant took home nine awards including artist of the year. >> country music. we get to do what we love and for people who are honest and hard working and beautiful people thoo support great music. >> he went on to do the right thing thanking his wife and band and all of the fans and those are your headlines. >> steve: very nice. michigan is poised later today to pass landmark legislation. big labor is furous and marshalling the troops. if you were at the afo head quart ares in michigan, you would have seen cars with license plates from georgia, minnesota and ohio and illinois and they are angry that the people of the great state of the michigan will
Dec 11, 2012 1:40am PST
will be finalized involving hsbc. the bank is settling a case brought by u.s. government and also authorities here in new york hsbc will pay $1.9 billion to settle accusations it illegally transferred money on behalf of sanctioned nations, including iran and help mexican drug cartels launder monday. >>> a florida woman has been found guilty of first degree murder for shooting a lottery winner in a plot to get his money. a jury in tampa convicted her of the 2009 murder of abraham shakespeare who had won $17 million. he was found buried in concrete in the backyard of her boyfriend. the judge called her cold, calculating, and cruel. >>> we now know the identity of the second lucky winner of that record powerball jackpot. matthew goode had tried to remain anonymous in claiming his share of the $587 million prize. yeah, that didn't happen. it was only a matter of time before his name was discovered. he is originally from pennsylvania, but moved to phoenix area last year. he took a one-time payout of $192 million, telling officials he was worried about paying higher taxes next year because of the fiscal
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
in the financial crisis. a slight profit is expected. >>> and hsbc is expected to pay the government $1.9 million to settle accusations that the bank helped launder money for mexican drug cartels and for officials in iran. >>> and take a look at this. massive fireball that you'll see there, streaking across the sky over houston. unfortunately, it was not a ufo. simply a meteor that people saw before dawn, driving. very unfortunate. it was so bright, a camera caught it 500 miles away. had it been a ufo, obviously, a life-changer. >>> and it was supposed to be the game of the year between new england and houston last night. wasn't even close. even when things didn't go as planned, as you see here, well, the patriots took advantage, fumbling into the end zone. why not? tom brady and the patriots steamrolling the houston, texans. the new daddy threw for four scores. and right now, there's no doubt about who the kings of the hill are in the nfl. >> josh, thanks very much. >>> we're going to turn to the brazen shooting in midday, midtown manhattan, just steps away from carnegie hall. a young man execut
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
. in the united states federal investigators claim hsbc transferred billions of dollars for countries like iran and did business with mexican drug cartels. company officials say they accept responsibility for past mistakes. >>> "the new york times" says top officials in afghan government was shot on her way to work. her predecessor also murdered less than six months ago. >>> the "wall street journal" reports delta airlines is close to a deal to buy 49% of virgin atlantic airways, that would give delta a wider network of flights and more space at heath row, london's main airport. delta would pay singapore airlines 300 million to $500 million for the stake. >>> google avoided paying about $2 billion worldwide income taxes last year. the company moved nearly $10 billion in overseas profits to bermuda, where there is no,, >>> good morning. heading out, grab the jacket. it's chilly in spots. overlooking san jose now not a bad start to the day at all. we have mostly clear skies, some patchy, dense fog in the valleys and fog at the coast.temperatures in the 30s and 40s now, this afternoon 50s and 60s.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)